Cartagena Ceviche Tour

Cartagena Ceviche Tour
  • Duration : 3 Hours (approx.)
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Peru might have invented the ceviche, but it took Cartagena to turn it into an art.

For the curious ceviche-hunter on holiday however, the avalanche of ceviche options in the city makes it hard to gut the little swimmers from the big fish. So why not sail through the best ceviche offering in Cartagena with a tasty tour of the freshest most delicious ceviche Cartagena has to offer.

We’ll take you to the undisputed king of street ceviche, with a Guinness World Book of Records under his belt and two other top restaurants where you´ll get to try signature ceviche dishes and learn how to prepare some elaborate fishy fare of your very own.

* Five ceviche taste sensations in three different restaurants
* A glass of wine, a cocktail and a glass of local fizzy pop (or non-alcoholic fruit juices)
* A hooked up bilingual guide to show you the best places to eat and drink in Cartagena en route
* An introduction to how to make ceviche from a local ceviche maestro
* Meet the holder of the world record for the world’s largest ceviche 
* Three fresh fish recipes to take home with you

Pez-passionate foodies that want to taste the very best ceviche Cartagena has to offer and learn the basics of preparing deliciously fresh fish.

An empty stomach, notebook and camera

USD$65 per person (price based on a minimum of two people)